Rencon results

The Rencon competition is now finished.

The winner in the automatic category was

A stochastic model of artistic deviation and its musical score for the elucidation of performance expression
Kenta Okumura, Shinji Sako, and Tadashi Kitamura
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

The winner in the semi-automatic and interactive category was

VirtualPhilharmony: a conducting system focused on a sensation of conducting a real orchestra
Takashi Baba (1), Mitsuyo Hashida (2), Haruhiro Katayose (1)
(1) Kwansei Gakuin University, (2) Soai University

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Welcome to the Rencon competition 2013!

Rencon is a contest for computer models simulating expert music performance on the piano. See the call for participation for more info and background.
Two different pieces will be handed out to the participants in advance. The final performances will be played “live” on a computer controlled grand piano, a Yamaha Disklavier. The audience are invited to take part in the evaluation.

PROGRAM, Tuesday 30, 2013

Preparation of music examples by the participants
1200 meeting with participants, preparation of music examples

Public program
1400-1415 Introduction, Anders Friberg, Roberto Bresin, KTH.
1415-1430 Historical overview of Rencon, Mitsuyo Hashida, Soai University.
1430-1500 Coffee break + Poster session
1500-1530 Live performances on the Disklavier and public/expert evaluation
1530-1615 Presentations of the different performance systems
1615-1630 Presentation of results

KTH, Room F2, Lindstedtsvägen 26, Stockholm,18.07446777820587